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A group of associations

The word “Guild” in fact connotes a number of associations and movements. Referring to the total body of regulations and traditions of which it is comprised (the Devoir or “Duty”), members of such associations and movements are known as Compagnons du Devoir (Companions of Duty), Compagnons du Devoir de Liberté (Companions of the Duty of Liberty), Compagnons des Devoirs (Companions of the Duties) and Compagnons des Devoirs Unis (Companions of United Duties).

At the same time, guild members (Compagnons) belong to job-specific associations: journeymen stonemasons, carpenters, bakers, joiners, cobblers, coppersmiths, painters, etc. du Devoir; joiners and locksmiths du Devoir de Liberté; journeymen carpenters and mason-stonecutters des Devoirs, and so on.

These various Devoirs and trades finally grouped together into larger movements, federating them and enhancing their collective position: the Union Compagnonnique (Guild Union) (1889), the Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir (Workers’ Association of Journeymen of Duty) (1941) and the Fédération Compagnonnique des Métiers du Bâtiment (Guild Federation of Construction Workers) (1952).

The general term “Compagnons du Tour de France” encompasses all of these associations.

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