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Lists of guild members’ names?

Although lists of guild members’ names are not easily found, a number of recent studies have been done of available archives. Jean-Michel Mathonière and I have put together more than a thousand nicknames, and some actual names, of “Companion” stonecutters from the documents at the Vaucluse County Archives. These figure in the appendix to our work, Travail et Honneur (Work and Honour), published in 1995 and put online by J.-M. Mathonière. I have also put together a list of all members of the Harness-makers’ Guild initiated in Nantes between 1820 and 1890, as well as another list of all members of the Weavers’ Guild initiated in all the cities with Guild Centres between 1831 and 1941. These lists, however, only concern three trades; with the exception of the list for the Weavers’ Guild, they are also incomplete. Thousands of other members in other trades remain totally anonymous.

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