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Lock with booby-traps and secrets Miniature park gate Statuette of a Companion on the Tour of France Small “bouquet de Saint-Eloi” Smithy Temple Light-bulb filament in copper tubes Hand holding a sphere Brass swan Steel torsade
Lock with booby-traps and secrets

Lock with booby-traps and secrets, created around 1860 by Emile Ottia, nicknamed “Emile le Tourangeau”, Companion Locksmith du Devoir. The lock contains an aperture concealed by a door bearing the arms of the City of Tours (three towers), which can only be opened by activating a secret mechanism. When it is armed, any attempt to force it open sets off a miniature cannon and a handcuff trap that snaps over the burglar’s wrist.

Lock with booby-traps and secrets

Photo O. PAIN

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