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Musée du Compagnonnage
Musée du Compagnonnage

Leather and textiles

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Garibaldi boot, detail Méliès’ court shoe, detail Quatuor Horse-collar Silk portrait of Jacquard Endless ring of rope
Garibaldi boot, detail

This field of activity once included a number of trade guilds that have since largely disappeared with the development of industry and mechanisation, including ropemakers, ferrandine makers, hatters, weavers, dyers, tailors, cloth shearers, tanners and curriers, and chamois dressers (tawers). Companion shoemakers and bootmakers, saddlers, leather workers and upholsterers are still with us today. Between 1839 and 1865, Companion Pierre Capus, nicknamed “Albigeois l’Ami des Arts”, created boots without any visible stitching, such as the mythological boot (1849) and the Garibaldi boot, dedicated to the hero of Italian unification. It is decorated with multicoloured beads threaded onto strands of women’s hair.

Garibaldi boot, detail

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