The light of history

A look at stained-glass windows

Objectives : The activity introduces children to the work of master glass-artists through practising the technique of painting on glass. They learn the roles that light and colour play in iconographic narration, along with the symbology attached to them, and discover the legends of the founders of the guild system, whose history dates back to the dim past and is at the origin of today’s Companions.

Procedure : In the company of a workshop leader, the children first of all pay a visit to the part of the museum most appropriate to the workshop’s theme, focusing on the work of master glass-artists. Individually, the children are put in charge of creating a stained-glass window. Using vitrostatic paint on a sheet of plastic, they each reproduce a motif which has been distributed to them. First of all, they set about creating the outlines of the motifs (equivalent to leading on a stained-glass window), which must be left to dry for about two hours. Once the outlines are dry, the children colour them in, creating a finished work that can easily be detached from the plastic sheet, and which they can stick up on windows in their homes or at school.

Duration of visit and workshop : 3 hours - 1½ hours in the morning and 1½ hours in the afternoon