Her Majesty Tours

Rally in the medieval heart of Tours

Objectives : The rally is designed to get children to do fieldwork in discovery of Tours’ architectural heritage – a fun-filled activity teaching them to look, observe and recognise the architectural features that make up the city’s urban history. Work carried out by specialists is to be seen in many places in the city centre. After having first paid a visit to the museum to familiarise themselves with what to look for, they try to find signs of work by house carpenters, stone dressers, and so on.

Déroulement : In the company of a workshop leader, the children are given an introduction to the history of the guild system in the museum. They then gather in rue de la Serpe, the rally’s departure point, where they are handed out logbooks that they must read carefully in order to avoid going about their search in too much haste. They split up into teams of 5 or 6, each with an accompanying adult, and set off. As questions lead to more questions, they are led through the city’s medieval district, to Place Plumereau. After counting up points scored, a winning team is named and the workshop leader awards each child an “apprentice’s” diploma.

  • There must be one accompanying adult for every 8 children
  • The rally can be held in French or German

Duration of visit and workshop : 2½ hours minimum