The music made by tools

A look at sound

Objectives : Sounds generate feelings that stimulate children’s imaginations. Here, the emotions stirred up by listening to unaccustomed noises are to be turned into visual images. An initial listen, without constraint and without knowing the origins of the sounds they are hearing, helps familiarise the children with mental representation. Then, visual and verbal discovery of the sources of what they have heard obliges them to return to reality and compare it with the fruits of their imaginations.

Procedure : In the company of a workshop leader, the children first of all pay a visit to the part of the museum most appropriate to the workshop’s theme. After hearing a recording of noises made in a present-day workshop (hammer on metal, mallet, plane on wood, etc.) the children are asked to imagine a place, one or more activities, the people carrying them out, the tools being used, etc. After a few minutes’ discussion, they pinpoint the trade of the Companion they have heard at work, and are finally requested to paint what they have heard. Finally, they watch the documentary clip whose soundtrack they have heard at the start of the session and are able to compare their pictures with reality.

Duration of visit and workshop : 2 hours