What to whom ?

Looking at symbols

Objectives : An introduction to the Companions’ know-how – association of tactile and visual aids helps children retain the basic information necessary to understanding what a Companion’s life was like. The workshop immerses children in the very real world of man and his works and workmanship, as well as in the poetic realm of the Companions’ symbols and legends.

Procedure : In the company of a workshop leader, the children first of all pay a visit to the part of the museum most appropriate to the workshop’s theme. Then, with outlines of craftsmen at work on the one hand and a range of accessories (tools and symbols) belonging to different trades on the other, the children try to return each item to its proper owner. When they have finally correctly assigned each representative of a trade his tools and symbols, they can give each one a “colour”, a “nickname”, colour them in and carry them off back to school.

Duration of visit and workshop : 2 hours